Why another Search Engine?

Knockknockgo's focus is on showing results relating to Christian websites only.

What is the purpose of Knockknockgo?

The purpose of Knockknockgo is to make Christian websites more visible and accessible to Christians creating a more safe environment.

Does Knockknockgo focus on a specific Denomination?

No, Knockknockgo's goal is to cover as many different Denominations perspectives within Christianity.

Can't you find these sites anyway performing searches on standard search platforms?

Yes and No, the reason for that is the sites you will easily find on Knockknockgo you may only find after lengthy searching and sorting through lots of irrelevant sites on other platforms.

Is it easy to get a site listed on Knockknockgo?

The site must be Christian, with Christian values, it must not be a free hosted domain, no church websites are being accepted at this time unless it truly has good original content useful to Christians and all sites are vetted manually.

What websites are Knockknockgo looking for?

Some sites would be Christian blogs relating to various Christian focussed topics, Theology, Bible Study, Prayer, Christian Living, Christian News, Christian Music, Christian Movies, Christian Books, Technology assisting Christians, Mission Organizations, Christian Denominations etc.